Friday, January 01, 2010

Does Glycerin Prevent Remineralization?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Does glycerin prevent remineralization? My research - mostly a Dr. Judd - claims it does. Do any of the products in the CWT contain glycerine?


Dear H:

Dr. Judd is not my authority - he was a chemist with some good advice but I tend to disagree with much of what he says and I think looking at little pieces of the puzzle can get very confusing.

I "discovered" a particular system of mouth care - during 35 years as a clinical dentist. I have recommended this system to thousands of people, given seminars about it and had a multitude of testimonials from real life experiences. People have experienced total healing - using this system of care. This is not an ego trip nor a money making venture.

In my book I described the reason teeth decay and how and why this system stimulates natural healing - see . My book is endorsed by many dentists, hygienists, pharmacology professionals, and the US Surgeon General. It is the truth about teeth - and this system explains why you can stimulate natural healing by using these products.

I have no connection or monetary interest in any of the mouth rinse or toothpaste companies that I recommend. You can be certain that I would not recommend a system with such passion if it did not work to stimulate natural healing.

If you start to dissect the products and search for this and that ingredient - you may search all your life and not find the answer. Many awful products are on the shelves of "health food" stores ...they contain some good ingredients but in a paste that is too abrasive - so the good is outweighed by the bad ingredients.

I found this system backwards / in reverse! I found it as a dentist - while looking at teeth.

I asked people with good teeth - what do you use? I implemented changes for people with bad teeth - and they went from bad to good in an amazingly short time. I have recommended this system to thousands of people - young and old and the results are always great.

I cannot give you the confidence to jump into using my system. I can only recommend that you try it and see results for yourself.

Thanks so much for your question,
Happy New Year,
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hyperman said...

Your link to your "system" doesn't work (404 error), and you never even remotely answered the question about whether or not Glycerin interferes with or prevents re-mineralization of the teeth?

Dr. Ellie said...

The truth is that I don't know for sure.
I have heard the people who say it does.
It is not in any of the products that I recommend.

If you are trying to re-mineralize teeth - I suggest the products in my system.

Thanks for the "heads-up" about the broken link - I believe is fixed now.


Anonymous said...

In my personal experience, I prefer Dr. Ellie's system - Dr. Judd's system made sense to me logically (the toothpaste I used at that time left a heavy coat) and it seemed to work immediately, but then my teeth couldn't have looked worse after a few days of using them (increased sensitivity too). Upon searching the internet, I have came across Dr. Ellie's system and even though I was skeptical about fluoride, I decided to gave it a try - I didn't have closys at the moment and it still worked! THE NEXT DAY, the enamel seemed more replenished. Speaking of glycerin - when you make a soap, there's this thing called "superfatting" - this is adding a little bit of extra oil than what can neutralize the amount of lye so that the soap is soft to use on the skin. I'm yet to see a soap that states how much the soap has been superfatted on the label - it may be softer on the skin if it has been superfatted, but I think it leads to more glycerin content of the soap thus leaving film on teeth. Granted, I didn't do the vitaminC/baking soda and monosodium phosphate because it was just impossible to get monosodium phosphate and I wasn't sure how much vitamin C is needed. For now though, I will be sticking with Dr. Ellie's routine.