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Some questions


I have been using your mouth care system since February.  I am 
halfway through your book and I am fascinated by all of the information. I wonder how many dentists know about this chemistry?  Anyway, I go to a close friend as my dentist.  I have never had a problem with him, but now 

I wonder what is really necessary.  I feel that if I share the information in this book with him, he would probably say differently because most dentists probably disagree with your research.  I have a 6 month cleaning scheduled for this Tuesday.  I am thinking about cancelling.  I am afraid now to have them use the explorer for fear of opening an area that may be healing.  Would you recommend that I cancel and wait another 6 months to possibly go for a physical?  Also what about unnecessary xrays?

I do not have dental insurance anymore (which is not my reason to not go).

I just do not want them do "harm" on any process of healing from practicing your mouth care system.

Also do you know of any dentists in Rochester that practice what you believe in?  I wish you were available, but I think that you are not practicing anymore, correct?

How long does this system take to really get the teeth where they can start to heal themselves?

Thanks so much and to your dedication to your research and beliefs with the dental profession.


Hi B,

I think you feel my pain!! Yes, local dentists generally do not like me or give much credit to this system that I recommend. I have some peers who actively dislike me and my system and they have been
quite brutal over the years.

This system will stop and reverse your problems particularly cavities and gum disease.Since you have been doing my system for four months you are in the initial stages of changing your oral bacteria to healthy.
I actually think this is a great time for a cleaning but I would not suggest you mention the system at this visit.

The chances are your hygienist will murmur about staining you may have some "dead plaque stains".
It will be a good time to have a cleaning.

Do the Complete Mouth Care Routine immediately before your visit, and eat some xylitol after your visit.
This will strengthen your teeth as much as possible before they start with the explorer and also protect you from infection during the visit.

Beware many dentist these days want to sell special toothpaste/ fluoride paste but any change in your regimen will stop the progress! You could ask not to have X rays or have them this time and then decide
the next time if you really need more.This way you will get a "base line' of your teeth at four months on my
system.... for future reference.

Ask about your gum health and if they see any cavities.After all, you can find out now what your problems are and then assess if they improve by your next visit.

Your teeth are going to progressively heal and harden. It takes about 6 months for you to notice changes , but the improvements will go on year after year.

The whitening of teeth may take up to two years or longer but everyone who stays with the program gets an amazing white eventually.Next time you are at Phillips check the bartenders teeth the servers
the hostesses.....!!!

So I would keep your appointment just make a diary of what they say and the date.You may be able to control your appointments and tell them that you only want an exam or make the frequency less going forward.

Thanks for the vote of confidence let me know if I can be of any more help,

Best Wishes
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Rochester, NY 14623

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