Sunday, January 31, 2010

ACT & Fillings Questions

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Does leaving Act in the mouth as long as possible in liquid form before spitting it out more or less beneficial than the residue drying in the mouth after spitting it out and before eating and drinking anything?

I had my mercury fillings removed years ago and had white ones put in. Unfortunately the ones in the back kept breaking so I had inlays put in. Are they the same material, worse?

With this system will minerals take their place and dislodge them?
Is malic acid in apples less corrosive than citric acid?


Hi P,

You asked me to compare malic acid from apples with citric acid.

It is not possible to compare the effects of two acids and then extrapolate this to teeth.

Sometimes there are other factors that make foods damage teeth more than others or protect teeth more than others.

Fresh apples contain polyphenols that are protective of teeth which is probably why fresh apples do not damage teeth but are protective. Citric acids, however, cause chelation ( clumping) of calcium in saliva which creates a "pull" of minerals out of teeth to replace the "missing" calcium.

ACT residue on teeth will strengthen teeth as long as it stays in contact with the tooth surface. Research shows that if you do not eat or drink this can be several hours in the deep pits and crevices of teeth (after you spit out the rinse). I think 1-2 minute of rinsing is plenty it would not be sensible to rinse for half an hour!

My system is very powerful when used as I recommend and appears to heal teeth quickly.
These results are achieved when the system is used as described there is no need to try and "enhance" its effects by altering the procedures!

I believe that silver mercury fillings should not randomly be replaced with white. First, the disease must be controlled. White fillings attract plaque bacteria more than silver ones and cause white fillings to deteriorate in an unhealthy mouth quicker than silver ones.

I have white fillings that were done in the 1960s they are fine and working! The ADA gives white fillings a life span of about 5-7 years (compared with silver fillings that they say have a life span double this) I believe that if you keep enamel strong, your mouth alkaline, and control dental disease, virtually any filling can last a lifetime!

My oral care rinse system helps preserve fillings (of all kinds) by strengthening the enamel around fillings and inlays which stops them from leaking and breaking. I am a believer in the least replacements possible so don't jump to replace fillings just because.....

My thoughts on silver fillings:
• Use my system to strengthen teeth and eradicate disease before getting fillings replaced.
• Avoid peroxide it encourages the release of mercury from silver fillings
• Avoid mouth acidity (drinks etc) which can cause of silver fillings to become pitted and break(this can put you at risk to ingest pieces of the mercury filling).
• I think a stable silver filling is not a real risk.
• People with silver fillings may wish to avoid chewing too much gum. Chewing can encourage mercury to the surface of silver fillings. (This definitely happens with new fillings but I am not sure if it occurs with older fillings) Heavily filled teeth are more likely to break if you chew on them constantly another reason to be moderate with gum if you have heavily filled teeth.
Hope this helps!


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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Interested in the Mouth Care System

Hello Dr. Ellie:

Just came across your site and am very interested in trying out your mouth care system. I often suffer from dry mouth and bad breath (I have to use a steroid inhaler for asthma), but I was just wondering:- Are Smints the same as Zellies? If not, do you know where I can find Zellies or other 100% Xylitol products in the UK  either mints or gum? It is not so easy to find "Crest Regular" toothpaste in the UK, although I have occasionally seen other type of Crest. Is there any other toothpaste that would be suitable? (How about the Retardex one?) I was told that I should not use mouthwashes with alcohol, as they dry my mouth even more. Doesn't Listerinecontain alcohol?Many thanks in advance for your advice. You have a great website!


Hi JB,

Thanks so much for your message welcome to the wonderful world of oral health!
We are working hard to try and help people make good "substitute choices" when it is difficult to find exact products recommended for my system.

We will continue to address non USA countries helping people figure out what to do.

We would appreciate any feedback you have, particularly if you and other consumers could convince a big company like Boots to start carrying these items. If Boots were to have the original Crest...let me know .....and I will help spread the word!

Some Smints are 100 percent xylitol but Smints also come in flavors that are not.....check the ingredients ( you may need a magnifying glass!!)

Yes, any xylitol will work you could also try Tesco.

I think Tesco sell granular packets of xylitol under the label Perfect Sweet.
If this is correct and you find it I would love to have confirmation so that I can tell others.

We have recently compiled a list of substitute toothpastes and Retardex paste ( in USA it is called Closys) is my first suggested "substitute" toothpaste.

I have worked with many patients with dry mouth many chemotherapy patients and also patients with disease of the salivary glands.

Listerine has been rigorously studied over many years and has not been shown to be a problem.
I recommend Listerine providing you rinse it off after using with the ACT ( as suggested in my system) - because it is acidic and acidity will soften your teeth. (For more information you may like to read my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye available on Amazon)

There were some negative studies about Listerine but these were not done on patients.
They took skin cells in the lab and poured Listerine on them. In the mouth the effects of Listerine were shown to be very different.

I believe the "bad alcohol" studies were done in Australia (where interestingly they are trying to launch a new brand of mouth rinse using a native plant extract....)

I use Listerine. I feel comfortable using it since oral health is vital for general health.
At the present time, I believe my system offers the safest way to achieve oral health for most people.

Best Wishes!
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Bad Bacteria & Healthy Bacteria

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I assume it's not necessary to brush teeth after every meal once the bad bacteria have been crowded out by the healthy ones and have taken residence in the mouth?

When you say to leave Act in the mouth as long as possible, do you mean before spitting it out or after spitting it out and before eating and drinking anything ?


Hi PG,

Thanks for your message.

If you end a meal with an alkaline food (like dairy, cheese fresh celery, carrots ) no further action is needed!

Xylitol mints or gum is of course a perfect ending to a meal so brushing is not needed.

Plaque bacteria take 12 hours to grow on teeth so brushing every 12 hours is enough.
More than this may do more harm than good this is my message.

Besides, at work many people use toothbrushes that have been fermenting in a bag or purse or stored in a common area restroom (ugh!!)

If you just drank a coffee or soda at the end of the meal, your mouth would be acidic. Then brushing with toothpaste can abrade away enamel and make your teeth sensitive and weak. If you use whitening or tartar control toothpaste your chances of this are great because these pastes are so abrasive.

The longer ACT has to work with your teeth the greater the healing. ACT should be rinsed for at least a minute or two before spitting out. Spit out well two or three times to get all the globs of rinse out! Now it is preferable not to eat or drink for as long as possible so the residue in the dents and crevices of your teeth can continue to work their healing magic!

Hope this answers your questions,
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MI Paste

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I have been reading your blog and you mentioned the MI paste containing milk powder I did know that but are you suggesting it may be carcinogenic in nature for teeth?

Also, have been trying to find on blog did I read something about glycerin interfering with re-mineralization?

Thank you again.


Hi L,

MI paste is fine from a safety standpoint it is just funny to me that milk powder is now sold by dentist as expensive toothpaste! Ha!

You may be interested to know that the ADA make money on the intellectual property that was used to develop this paste.

For the past 30 years I have been at odds with dentists in US who perpetuated a false myth that milk in baby bottles causes tooth decay (cows milk in a baby bottle will not harm teeth it may actually strengthen them!) Now we sell milk in a toothpaste!

Why are you worried about glycerin interfering with re-mineralization?

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

"I'm a Believer!"

Dr. Ellie,

I am so delighted with your program. I lost my dental insurance in 2005 and my tooth pain and bleeding gums have been getting progressively worse, with the pain keeping me awake most nights. I've been using the system 4 days now along with the xylitol and the bleeding has stopped, my gums are nice and firm and healthy with no pain at all. My teeth look like I just had them whitened, and the coffee stains are quickly fading away. I have been very desperate and worried about my dental health the past few years. Thank you for the light at the end of the dental tunnel. I'm a believer in your system.


Hi AR,

I am so happy for you.
I am delighted to be helpful and how easy is this system ?

Keep doing the rinses night and morning.
Keep your toothbrush clean every day and store it away from the toilet in an area where it will get air to dry the bristles.

Remember to have some xylitol each day. ..maybe keep some Zellies by your chair and a few in the car! A few Zellies each day, along with the rinses will help you enjoy years and years of dental improvements!

Let's spread the word to all those in the place where you started! Thanks for your message -

I feel blessed to have been allowed to discover this way of healing. Now I have to find better ways to tell others about it!

By the way you may enjoy my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye it is available on Amazon and through local book stores (I'm not a famous author so you may need to ask them to order the book!! ha!).

Best Wishes,
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Xylitol and Dogs

Hi Ellie,

Below is an email I received about Xylitol and dogs after a conversation I had with a friend. You may want to look into having more warning messages on your products.


This is Bizarre. I heard yesterday morning about a student's dog that had to go to emergency because it ate Sugarless Gum with Xylitol. I'd never heard before that it was poisonous for dogs. At around 6 pm yesterday, My wife asked our daughter why she left gum wrappers all over. We discovered the dog ate about 10 pieces. We had to make her vomit and get her to emergency.

We have every reason to believe she'll be fine and will come home today, but if I hadn't heard the story in the morning we might have done nothing and she might have even died. Thank God I heard the story in the

Tell friends with pets to keep Xylitol away from them!

Hi JH,

Thanks for the reply I have heard stories like this and I explain (along with various other foods) xylitol is worth keeping from your pets. Interestingly xylitol is an ingredient in many dog toothpastes so probably small amounts are OK but I am not a vet!

In most stories the product was a huge amount of xylitol (one dog ate 1/2 pound of xylitol) and other stories involve commercial gum that contains mainly sorbitol.

I would not recommend sorbitol for a human or a dog!

Thanks again for your message,
Best Wishes,
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623


Dr. Phillips,

My wife and I were in Rochester visiting my parents about a year ago and we went to your restaurant where you explained Zellies and the mouth care system to us. I have been doing the entire process faithfully since then and my teeth and mouth have felt great.

I wanted to ask you a question about something I noticed. All my life I have gotten cold sores maybe 5 to 12 a year. Since I started on the Zellies program I have not had any. Do you think it is a coincidence or could there be a connection?

Thanks for everything. My parents are on their way to visit us in DC and I am having them stop by to load up on the new gum (I really like the spearmint and the cinnamon flavors).


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your message. I am delighted to hear that you like Zellies and the system has helped your teeth so much!

I think the impact of good oral health is seriously underestimated. In our restaurant we rarely have staff who are sick, very few sore throats and this report covers twenty years! Is this a coincidenceor is it the clean and healthy mouths we all enjoy?

The other fact, I believe, is that many oral care products have negative effects on teeth and the mucosa of mouths. I dislike the additives for whitening, tartar control and the new line of pro-health by Crest. I know of so many people who have had sensitivity, pain and sores from these oral care products.

I believe my system creates a healthy oral ecosystem which allows gums, teeth and everything else to remain healthy year after year.

Thanks so much for your message. I love to get progress reports from people I have met!

By the way, you may enjoy my book that was just released on Amazon Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye!

Best Wishes,
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Teeth after Veneers

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I am wondering if this product works on teeth that have lost .5mm of enamel off the tooth's surface. I don't want to wear veneers anymore and want them taken off. Due to the sensitivity of the enamel loss, I am wondering if this product would work for me?

Thank you,

Hi A,

The use of my mouth rinse system with xylitol will help put minerals back into enamel - and make it less sensitive. The problem is I don't know how much of your tooth enamel was shaved away for the veneers. Clinically I cannot tell if the removed enamel has a chance of looking good when the veneers come off.

I suggest you start using my system of oral care now. This will make your mouth more comfortable, cleaner and fresher. You will build up as much strength as possible in all your teeth - and be able to asses your veneers from a better standpoint.

I suggest you use my system twice every day - with Zellies after every meal/snack/drink for at least six months.

This will take you from now until the summer.....

In the summer ask your dentist what he thinks will happen if you have the veneers removed.
Perhaps he will take one or two off and let you experiment to see what happens. By the summer you will be an "expert" with my system - and have confidence in the process of remineralization.

If you have already been using the system for six months, you will know how this is going to feel to newly exposed enamel. Your dentist may be able to save the old veneer - just in case you do not like the outcome.

Many dentists are willing to work with you - if you tell them what you want to do.

Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions, Ellie
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Rochester, NY 14623
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Tooth Care Questions

Dr. Ellie,

I spoke with you and emailed with you several times during the past year. I have so appreciated your insight and products.

My daughter, has her top front four teeth affected by some decay. We first realized it about a year ago. Shortly after that, one of her teeth broke off.

That is when we really begain using xylitol, etc.

Kalina is now 2 1/2. We brush her teeth at least 3 times a day. (We usually tend to brush with a xylitol product Spry gel or Squigle toothsaver.) She uses xylitol (gums, mints, or toothbrushing) after each meal/snack/drink. (Of course there are times when she is left with someone not sure if they are as vigilant. But usually this is the protocol.) Her toothbrush is rinsed in Listerine after each brush - she has several toothbrushes, we alternate using them. We also use Act. Kalina is an amazing rinser for her age we have begun to let her swish after brushing teeth.

Last March we travelled to have ozone done on her teeth we have kept up with her care. We do use MI paste some I go back and forth on my thoughts about. But the dentist who did the ozone is a big believer in it.

A few months ago, I thought maybe the broken tooth was worse panicked. Took her to a pediatric dentist in our area that we like. She had no active decay! We were so happy.

Beginning of December, Kalina went to pediatric dentist for a check up. Again, all looked good!

A couple of weeks later, while biting corn on the cob, Kalina said "OW" and seemed quite upset that her tooth hurt. I was very concerned. After a few days, I decided that she had burnt herself on the corn and that was the reason.

But, she has continued to say "ow". when biting with front teeth. Seems to be worsening. This week I took a really good look. The back of her front tooth seems to have a brown "pit" in it. I gently touched with a safety pin seemed "soft" to me. So, I am thinking active decay-

I truly do not understand. For one reason, all seemed good just a couple of weeks before the initial "ow" episode.

For another, we are fairly vigilant with brushing, xylitol, etc.

I take her to the pediatric dentist next week. Not sure what they will suggest or what I will agree to.

Have begun considering the journey for another ozone treatment.

Since there seems to be pain involved, I don't know how much time we have something has to be done- I really want to avoid any kind of "crown" scenario.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Once there is pain with decay, will a filling help? How much of an advantage would ozone before a filling be? (Keeping in mind it is a plane trip)

I look forward to anything you might be able to share. If calling is easier, feel free to do so. Hoping all is well with you. Congrats on the book I will be ordering soon!



My advice is crisp and clear I think you need to think about the following:

Your daughter must have at least 6 grams of xylitol each day or this infection will not be eradicated. Xylitol exposures must be at least 5 times a day have a little after anything she eats or drinks.

You may want to get granular xylitol and dissolve it in water to let her sip during the day as a kind of tooth wash. In addition, I suggest Zellies fruit mints they are delicious and kids love them. I don't usually become brand specific but my mints work and it appears the xylitol you have been using is not effective enough.

Cavities are caused by a bacterial infection without the infection cavities will not happen teeth will not get worse.

You need to use ACT bubblegum rinse on your daughter's toothbrush each day to brush over all her teeth. It is the combination of ACT and xylitol that will help heal and strengthen her teeth.

The entire family should be on this program. If you or another caretaker even other children have disease bacteria in their mouths they can get passed to Kalina in a kiss or when sharing food. I suggest the entire family gets on this program of oral health.

Toothbrushes: rinse out in Listerine, wash under the running tap water and then allow to dry between uses. Store away from the toilet area.

If you do this you will reverse the situation. Ozone is a help to eradicate bacteria but it does not stop you from re-infection. MI paste is made from milk powder.

If you are deciding where to spend money I return to my suggestions. They will work if you ensure your daughter has at least 6.5 grams of xylitol each day and that this is at least 5 separate exposures different times during the day after meals is best.

Good luck and I hope this is helpful for you.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Benefits of Xylitol and Dr. Ellie's System

Hello Dr. Ellie,

I have spoken with you before with questions about my son's dental care, which was very helpful. I now have a question about using xylitol for my whole family. I see on your website that you state that the benefits are greatest if you consume 6 to 10 grams per day. If we are not consuming that much, but just use the mints or gum once or twice a day, or not at all on some days, will we still get a benefit from using it? Would it still help to clean our teeth whenever we use it?

Thank you,

Hi M,
If you are a "reader" I would recommend my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye.

It is a simple two-day read - written for the everyone to help explain HOW my suggested mouth rinse routine and xylitol work. If you read the chapter on xylitol it would be helpful to you - to understand how xylitol works.

Basically xylitol "melts" plaque each time you use it. The plaque bacteria absorb it into their system, and this makes plaque less sticky on your teeth. Then, with a good tooth cleaning routine you will clean more plaque off your teeth.

However, plaque grows again quickly - and especially in acidic or dry mouth conditions.

If you eat a couple of grams of xylitol each day it will benefit your teeth (it also stimulates an alkaline mouth and helps repair teeth) plus it will help limit plaque. Is this is ENOUGH? The answer depends on how "infected" your mouth is and other "risk factors" that are specific to YOU.

Risk factors are the "things" that cause disease in your mouth - cavities and gum disease.
The main risk factors are dry mouth, acidic saliva, stress, a job that involves talking ..soda..etc...etc. (many, many different things)

Oral health is the balance between healing your mouth and things that cause damage. The scale MUST tip towards healing - but I don't know how much is on the other side of the scale for YOU (the bad risk factors for YOU ).

My system assumes lots of risk factors. If you were my patient we could talk for about fifteen minutes and figure out your list of risk factors. Since I cannot do this with everyone on the internet, I ASSUME the worst - and give you a program that will work - for everyone!

If you have an alkaline, moist mouth, drink alkaline drinks, eat a great diet and have very clean toothbrushing conditions (and a healthy family/spouse) - you may not need so much assistance to keep the scale balanced on the side of health. If you live under stress, travel in hotel bathrooms and drink orange juice all day - then you need more xylitol.

I hope this understands the delicate answer - it depends on balance. Why not add a small packets of xylitol to your drinking water each day - and sip this for 4 more grams of xylitol each day?

Also, are you using my system of tooth cleaning and mouth care?

Best Wishes and thanks for your question,

26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 272-1270

Citrus Listerine

Dr. Ellie,

Listerine has changed the formula on their Citrus flavor and it is no longer ADA certified, should we switch to another flavor?

Thanks, S

Dear S:

Yes, I would be concerned about ANY Listerine without an ADA shield of acceptance on the label.

When Listerine came out with the white bottle of whitening Listerine, I called the American Dental Association to ask how it could be allowed on the store shelves. If someone has a risk for cancer it is possible this rinse could promote oral cancer (it is called a co-carcinogen).

The ADA replied they had no control over the product because it was classified as a cosmetic.
They explained to me that they DID NOT GIVE THIS Whitening Listerine rinse THEIR SEAL OF ACCEPTANCE. warned and please, warn others.

My suggestions is to use ONLY Listerine with a shield of acceptance on the label. I use the regular Original, and my kids use the Cool Mint always followed by ACT original anticavity rinse.

If these rinses are too strong, you can dilute to taste they will be safe and effective, even diluted.

Please tell others about the whitening rinses they are very bad products.



As a dentist, I have been sent lots of Listerine whitening rinse samples which I refuse to give away or use. I find them very good sink and toilet cleaners.

26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 272-1270

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sealants for 6yr Molar?

Hi Dr. Ellie,

Today my dentist noticed a pit in the 6yr molar, on the tongue side, of my 8yr old daughter. There is no cavity, and the pit is still partially below the gumline. He is concerned it could form a cavity and wants to seal it. I have read about sealants and want to avoid them. I have 5 children from 18 mos to 11 years. None have sealants except my 11 year old daughter, before I knew any better. Her sealants are about 2 years old. The office is wanting to make appointments to seal the children's teeth. They have asked me many times about this! I have turned them down every time. Can you advise me, especially with regard to my 8yr old?

Thank-you, I appreciate it so much!


Hi M,
I am not in a position to tell you whether or not you need a filling in this tooth. I would be disqualified as a dentist if I diagnose through a computer!

This kind of filling (on the tongue side of a 6-year molar) is usually caused by sucking sweets and hard candy/cough lozenges/ taking late night medications or juice before bed. I would recommend that you ensure this child rinses her mouth with ACT rinse before going to bed - and that she understands the dangers of eating or sucking hard candy/ lollypops. (I am interested to know if I am correct about the candy or lollypops??)

It will take about 6 months to reverse this cavity. On the other hand, if she continues to damage this tooth - in 6 months this cavity may have reached the nerve inside the tooth (the nerve is not far away from the outside of the tooth at this particular spot).

This moment will never come again!
You can either turn the situation around or your daughter will have a filling in this tooth for life.
Besides putting in a filling will do nothing to stop the disease - next will be a filling on the other similar tooth on the other side of her mouth....then more and more.

This is a very serious spot to have a cavity - and also a difficult place to put a filling (your dentist would agree that it is very hard to do nice long-lasting fillings in this area by the tongue). I would beg you and your daughter to have a good talk about this - you need her help.

If she loves sweets, consider Zellies 100 percent xylitol fruit mints. They are yummy and delicious. Zellies cinnamon gum is great - we have it in bulk bags. Use xylitol with ACT anticavity rinse - use the rinse every night without fail - and also in the morning.

If your child has trouble cleaning her teeth - at least get her to rinse and/or brush ACT on this cavity often. Better yet is Crest Regular toothpaste brushed on this cavity - followed by ACT.
I am assuming she will not do the entire system just yet ......and that is OK.......get her started when and if you can.....

The most important thing is that
a) Her toothbrush is clean
b) If she eats at night, she eats ONLY Zellies after cleaning her teeth.
Also she should have Zellies after any candy or drinks during the day.
c) She needs to rinse with ACT at least twice a day - maybe three times on the weekends
d) All the family should join in and understand that cavity bacteria pass from person to person when sharing food and kissing. Help your daughter become bacteria free by getting rid of mouth bacteria in the entire family.
e) Put a date on the calendar - in about 4-6 months to go back and have an evaluation of this cavity. It is in too dangerous a location to leave this potential cavity for any longer than 6 months - The good news is that you may be able to "Wow" your dentist and have him wonder where it went! I really hope so!

Best Wishes and please let me know if you have any other questions,


Friday, January 22, 2010

Too Much Cleaning Causing Tooth Sensitivity?

Dr. Ellie,

I have been using your system for about 3 months and am very pleased. I consume about 8 grams of xylitol a day using your granular and mint forms. I do the
complete system three times a day, as I am currently using Invisalign and must brush after each meal.

I have found that I still have some tooth sensitivity and believe it's related to the Closys. The reason I think so is that I used Closys in the past-independent of your system-and had to discontinue due to increased sensitivity. I have used Crest, Listerine and ACT without sensitivity so I strongly suspect Closys is responsible.

Can I use the granular Xylitol disolved in water as a pre-rinse in lieu of the Closys? I also wanted to let you know that the Xylitol is a great help with the dry mouth that accompanies Invisalign. Thanks for your help and great product!


I believe many "toothies" clean their teeth too often and cause sensitivity!

The Complete Mouth Care System is "designed" to be used every 12 hours, with xylitol mints and gum during the day after meals and drinks.

My book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye explains why teeth need to be cleaned every 12 hours. My system appears very effective when used twice a day. Three times a day on a regular basis may be too much for some mouths.

Protect YourTeeth!

I believe too much cleaning may upset the development of "good" biofilm. Teeth require a “protective coating” for health. This coating forms naturally from saliva when mouth conditions are balanced and healthy.

You may "feel" this coating on your teeth when you use my system for a few days. The layer feels comfortable and slippery and seems to "tell you" that your mouth is "in balance".

Want to Wow your dentist?
Make sure to use the Complete Mouth Care System within an hour of your dental appointment! I bet the first words are “Wow” - and lots of comments about how “clean” your teeth look!

NEVER use baking soda for cleaning teeth.
Baking soda in toothpaste and rinses appears to "over -clean" teeth. I believe baking soda may wipe out the good protective layer, leading to sensitivity, pain and even gum recession.

If you insist!
If you insist that and must brush after lunch, I suggest a very gentle approach. Use a tiny amount of Crest on a toothbrush then rinse out with a little ACT or just water. Eat Zellies mints or gum (gum is my choice to "clean" teeth after a meal and mints after drinks or coffee).

Ellie Phillips, DDS

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Passing Germs

Hi Dr Ellie.

I am wondering:

When I rinse my families toothbrushes, do I need to use a new Dixie cup of Listerine for each persons brush or does the one cup of rinse kill all bacteria on contact?

I've been using new cups of rinse for every person and am going through LOTS of Listerine. Quickly.

Thanks in advance!


Hi LS,

Since it is usual for families to share bacteria anyway, one cup should be fine for all the brushes ( **with the exception below).

Swish the heads of the brushes, then rinse well under running water. Allow the brushes to stand up pivoted on their handles so that the brush head will dry completely before next use.

**Exception: If someone in the family has a real problem with cavities and/or gum disease or a sore throat etc. Dental disease is a contagious, transmissible infection ( just like other infections, Strep sore throat etc). If someone is sick you should separate the utensils that they eat with etc. The same for when it comes to toothbrushes.

If someone in my family was being treated for Periodontal Disease or a mouth full of cavities I would not put my brush in the same area and I don't think even in the same Listerine even though I guess it should not be a problem!

The good news is that with simple hygiene and the use of xylitol, everyone can overcome the disease!

Thanks for your very useful message.I am told some of the wholesale clubs sell Listerine at a very good price these days. One patient told me she just purchased a case of 4 Crest Regular toothpastes at Sam's Club - for $2 per tube. Make sure you are selecting carefully avoid whitening or "extras" added.

Good luck and thanks again for your question,

26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 272-1270

De-Bonding Question

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I've been having issues for the last year and a half with the bonding my dentist does (he uses Generation 7) coming out. It's the bonding he does at the gumline, and I think it's to address old recession areas since my recession is down now that I'm doing your

Anyway, when I went today for him to replace a bonding that just fell out that he put in last year he asked if I was using any alcohol product. I said only the 30 seconds of Listerine immediately followed by 60 seconds of ACT. He said it's the Listerine that's causing the de-bonding. What do you think? I don't want to give up the complete mouthcare system, but I would like to bonding to last.


Dear L

Hi, this is the reply from one of the top dentists in the country on this:

Hi Ellie, In my opinion, there is no way that any alcohol product would cause debonding of a composite or glass ionomer restoration. In fact, I can't think of any product that would be rinsed intraorally that could do that. It sounds like this may be a restoration for a Class V abfraction type lesion. Debonds in such restorations is most often caused by poor technique and/or occlusal clenching/grinding. I'm not familiar with the product Generation 7 (I googled it and am guessing the dentist is describing the adhesive). . one I have spoken with believes that there is any way for the rinse to cause a problem to the filling.

26 Corporate Woods
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Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye: Pheonominal Book

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I just received your book. Congratulations on a phenomenal book. Loved, loved, loved it! You mentioned hate mail; I hope you don't have to face that now that the book is out; and I hope you are able to get on the major TV networks as this information is so important for our nation's health and financial well-being. I wonder if you have that delightful English accent :=)
PS. Your system stopped the sensitivity at the grooves at the top of tooth enamel (which I had thought were caused by the sharp instruments digging too deeply to remove calculus from some of my teeth). However, the sensitivity returned after I began to eat a particular mildly tart kind of apple that is a hybrid of the Delicious and those green tart ones. I guess the apples you refer to in the book are not tart? I won't buy those anymore until complete healing but you mention fluoride varnish to repair the grooves; is that something that can be bought over the counter?


Hi P,

Thanks for your message.

This book has been a life work part of it describes my journey into dentistry and the unusual path I walked as a dentist.

I would really appreciate if you had time to put a review on Amazon it helps others sort out overpriced garbage books from the ones that can help. I would very much appreciate this.

As for the apple simply eat some xylitol/Zellies after the fruit it immediately takes away the acidity and will return minerals to your teeth.

Wishing you a healthy 2010!

Best Wishes

26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cavity Reversal

Hi Dr. Ellie,

My almost 4 year old son, was at the dentist last week and we were told he has 4 cavities in his bottom molars. Our dentist wants to fill the two on the left side which she says are small. The two on the right side are even smaller and she does not want to fill them, saying that she thinks the cavities could reverse. I hadn't heard of cavities healing and have been researching on the internet the past few days. I am wondering if you think all of the cavities could reverse given appropriate attention/treatment. We were very surprised to hear that he had any cavities, as he eats well, brushes and flosses.

The drop of fluoride rinse (ACT) that you recommend brushing on young children's teeth, is that 0.05% sodium fluoride or is it diluted for a 4 year old child. Also, could we use this same system (combination of xylitol and ACT) for our 22 month old as well? Do you know if ACT is available in Canada? I haven't been able to find it. Thank you.


Cavities can revers and the use of xylitol and fluoride together is the key.

You need to have your son nibble xylitol. Dumping a teaspoon on his cereal will not be so effective!

Research says you need 3-5 separate exposures to xylitol each day with a total amount each day close to one heaped teaspoon.

He can take this off a spoon, dissolved in water or as a quick dissolving mint or candy ( kids love the fruit mint Zellies they have no "mint flavor" they just have the soft texture of a breath mint). The best time is after EVERY drink, snack or just a little throughout the day EVERY day.

Also remember that cavities are the result of a contagious, transmissible infection. Think about your own teeth those of visiting relations day care situations etc.

Make sure his toothbrush is clean and store it safely so it can air dry away from sources of bacterial infection (other people's toothbrushes or the toilet areas). You can get everyone on the xylitol/toothbrush cleaning program and eradicate the bacteria of cavities within a few months.

Your children can benefit from brushing their teeth with the ACT rinse in place of toothpaste.
When children are able to rinse and spit out well, you can consider using the ACT as a mouth rinse (normally about 6 years old). I often suggest practicing with water to ensure they do not drink mouth rinse. Just do not practice after you have brushed these teeth with the drop of ACT you will wash the benefits away!

You should probably allow a few months for remineralization to occur. Perhaps your dentist would be prepared to check these teeth again and determine if a filling is really needed.....please let me know the outcome. I am always very interested!


26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cavity Next to Filling and Cleaning Bite Guard

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I am a twenty-seven year old female. I have been doing your
Complete Mouthcare System for almost two weeks, and almost immediately I could feel that my teeth were cleaner. At my dental appointment, just 10 days in, the hygienist remarked that my teeth were "pretty clean" and only had to scrape away a little plaque behind my lower front teeth. Unfortunately, I had three cavities. One of these cavities was on the edge of a filling my dentist had put in only six months ago. I have two questions related to this particular cavity.

First, did my dentist somehow botch my filling? Second, could I safely put off having the filling repaired to see if the cavity would remineralize or should I go ahead and have him fix it? To clarify my concern, am I endangering my tooth by not having it filled immediately?I have had multiple fillings during the past few years, attributed to a habit of night clenching that has worn down my molars. I know your
system is supposed to strengthen and even restore enamel but is there any benefit for the top of molars that have been worn down? I have been very discouraged by the state of my mouth (my tooth problems particularly), but your system has given me some hope. 

Finally, I know you recommend cleaning toothbrushes, night-guards, etc. with Listerine; however, my night guard directions specify to only clean with soap and water and not soak in alcohol. Do you think quickly rinsing with Listerine would be sufficient to kill bacteria? Also, do I need to rinse my bite-guard daily or could I get away with doing it less often?

Thank you so much for taking time for my questions. I appreciate all your efforts to promote proactive ways to save teeth.

Hi E,

It sounds to me that you have a lot of acidity in your mouth. This acidity may be from drinks, citrus, sports drinks, soda, acid reflux etc...and/or it may be that you have a dry mouth for some reason.

If you are grinding your teeth and wearing them away, they must be very soft. Do you drink soda (even diet) before you sleep at night? or during the night? Do you have a dry mouth/ allergies or asthma, medications that dry your mouth?

Tooth damage is always caused by acidity made worse by mouth dryness. It sounds as if there is a lot of acidity that is softening your teeth and especially at night. Perhaps you sleep with your mouth open at night.

With a dry mouth any tooth clenching will damage teeth (the tooth clenching is not the problem it is the acidity and dryness that is making your teeth vulnerable).

I would suggest you continue using my system of mouth rinses every 12 hours. During the day use Zellies mints and gum after every meal, drink or snack.

It is very important to go to sleep with the last thing being ACT that you just spit out.
Place your retainer, and then go to bed.

If you eat or drink after this do a quick rinse with ACT again or eat some Zellies mints to ensure you sleep with protected teeth.

Cleaning your mouth guard by brushing with some toothpaste will work fine.

I would love to keep up with your progress.

If you use this system every 12 hours and use Zellies after everything you eat or drink your problem will not get worse. You will see results and possibly avoid the need to have the filling replaced. Such repairs (around a filling) may take 4-6 months.

Good luck,

Ellie Phillips DDS
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

Thank You To Dr. Ellie

Hello Ellie,

This is a long-overdue but very heart-felt thank you for the great CARE package you sent me (embarrassingly, a month ago) via (a friend).

I am the tutor in ESL (English as a Second Language) program who was facing gum surgery. And, without knowing me at all, you very kindly sent along a full mouth care kit, which I used and like very much! I’m trying to get my husband “switched over” to it. (Slowly… ) (I had some problems with a bit of sensitivity to the Act rinse; I think it’s the flavorings that made my tongue somewhat raw so I’ve had to drop the Act from my routine but otherwise the multi-step system worked very well for me.)

I’m using the past tense here because I have taken a break while recovering from the gum surgery and I am following my surgeon’s regimen. My gums were healthy, but they had recessed in one spot, sooooo to prevent future problems with loosening teeth, etc. the surgeon took a bit of tissue from the roof of my mouth and did a neat little patch job on the recessed gums. I expect to be “normal” again soon and to return to “the

But I do want to express to you how very much I appreciate your taking pity on a stranger and sending along such a kind and helpful care package. I am so grateful for your humanity and generosity.

I do hope we get a chance to meet. I’ll be the one with the BIG smile.
Thank you,


Hi JP,

Thanks for your message I understand how hard it is to believe in such a bag full of assorted items. It is also difficult to do things that are different from the instructions of your health professionals.

On the other hand, I hope that sometime you will discover the full potential of this kit which looks so simple and unassuming. You may enjoy reading more about the biochemistry of this system in my recently published book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye.

I have a number of endorsements from eminent dentists, hygienists and even the US Surgeon General.

The products are simple and some of them (like ACT) are often viewed with suspicion by the holistic world. I answer all these questions in my book and explain the good, bad and ugly story of fluoride, tooth whitening and many dental treatments that can be easily avoided with this system.

I would not recommend using the system in a partial way you cannot mix and match, nor "leave out" an element. This is a completely balanced approach and taking away the ACT will not do what we want. This would all be explained in Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye which is now available on Amazon.

I hope all goes well with your periodontal healing and wish you and your family a very happy 2010. You may be interested in the healing properties of fresh pineapple. As a dentist in Switzerland we would put our patients on a fresh pineapple diet before extractions or periodontal surgery to the speed of healing it was amazing.

Your surgeon may already be aware of this, but many do not:

Best Wishes,
26 Corporate Wood
Rochester, NY 14623

Can I Delay Extractions?

Hello Dr. Ellie,

I've been following your program to the nose..I live in Canada, and have ordered the ACT and Closys, and have been using the SPRY brand of xylitol mints since we don't have Zellie's, but I am at least getting about 12 -50 grams of xylitol spread throughout the day.

Ever since I got pregnant with my first child I've had teeth problems, including many cavities and 4 abscessed teeth in 8 years. I've gotten two extracted and two root canalled. So far on your program the results have been great, my sensitivity is gone to sweet, hot and cold...BUT, I have a hole in my back wisdom tooth (no pain) and a hole in another tooth that already has a deep filling (part of the old filling came off, and then a corner of the tooth). I had some sensitivity to sweet, but now after being on your program for a few months I don't anymore.

The problem I have is that, the lower bottom molar already has a deep filling with a cap put over the pulp, but my dentist said that if he goes in to replace the filling, he'll have to redo the entire tooth and I'll either have to get another root canal or have an extraction. At the same time he would extract my upper wisdom tooth with the hole, since its too far back to fill properly. I am still nursing and want to delay any big oral surgeries for another year. Since I have no pain (and the sensitivity I did have is gone), can I afford to delay the extractions/possible root canal? I sort of feel like, if my teeth don't hurt (and I'm doing your program completely), why rush the extractions? And how long would you wait if it was yourself?

Thank you very much :)

Hi AB,
Yours could be a trick question from the American Dental Society! As a dentist it would be unethical for me to tell you how long you can wait without doing a full mouth evaluation.

The point is, I have worked with many patients who wanted to have their teeth fixed but I persuaded them to wait! I wanted to get rid of the disease in their mouths first - and then fill and fix whatever needed fixing when the disease had gone.

In my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye  I explain:
imagine if you had water damage on your kitchen floor. You do the repairs but will not be happy if a year later the floor needs more repairs. You would be even more unhappy if a year later the repairs were more extensive. I think this would make you suspicious.

You would probably be annoyed to find that the repair guy forgot to turn off the water tap! He left the water running and it continued to cause damage around the edges of your floor repairs!

This happens in your mouth. You must eradicate the bacterial disease.

Repairs will be much easier and long lived if you strengthen your teeth before treatment and improve any gum problems. Because my system relies on rinsing healing will occur everywhere in your mouth even in places that are difficult to fill ( like in wisdom teeth).

Usually bad signs are sensitivity to sweet and cold. If the pain is immediate and then goes away in a few seconds this is usually a reversible condition.

If the pain lasts for two minutes or more it is probable that the nerve is involved. This is now a 50-50 % chance that the nerve may die (need for a root canal etc). The chances of turnaround depend on your general body resistance to infection at this time so eat well and take your vitamins!

If a nerve in a tooth dies rinses will not change this condition you will need treatment. This pain is usually throbbing, aching toothache.

Obviously this is a quick overview and there are lots of other situations. I just want to give you an outline map to make your own decisions. In all cases these rinses and xylitol will help tip the balance to repair and natural healing!

Good luck and please let me hear your outcome in 6 months or so!
Best Wishes,

26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clean Toothbrush on a Budget

***Dear Readers, feel free to email Dr. Ellie directly at She tries to answer all emails as quickly as possible. When we feel your question has relevance to others, we will post it and the answer here. We will remove any personal info, include initials, and make mild edits to protect your privacy but if you would not like your Q&A posted, just let us know. THANKS Zellies Web Mgr ***

Dr. Ellie,

Thanks for your helpful blog.

This may sound silly, but I'm wondering about the logistics of rinsing our toothbrushes in Listerine without being wasteful. Do you have any tips? Pour some in a cup? Is hydrogen peroxide an effective toothbrush cleaner? It's a lot less expensive... We're a family of six and can go through a major amount of Listerine.

Not long before I found your
dental care system, I purchased yet another $20 tube of fluoride gel (Pro-Den Rx, 1.1% Sodium Fluoride). I hate to waste it. Is there a problem with using the gel instead of the ACT (just until the gel is gone)? Maybe I could rinse my mouth with water after using Listerine and before using the gel?

Thanks again.


Dear DH,

There are 3 ways of cleaning toothbrushes that have been studied and found effective: swishing the head of the brush in dilute bleach water, Listerine (in both cases you will rinse out the brush with water and allowing to air dry) and UV toothbrush sterilizers (that are supposed to kill 99% of the bacteria).

I do not usually talk about bleach water often because people go "ewwe" and there are some risks if you do not rinse off the bleach. On the other hand it is the least expensive way to clean your brushes. You must rinse the brushes well since bleach is not good for teeth and will soften and damage them. No, hydrogen peroxide is ineffective with these particular bacteria nor do I suggest boiling water.

For "less enthusiastic" approach there is the dishwasher! It will sanitize and give the brushes a good washing. I prefer the use of the other ideas above but this is an option.

The amounts of rinse you use for my system does not matter.
Being frugal is fine it is more important to go through all the stages of my system with correct products.

A tube of toothpaste ( if you use a pea size amount) will last for months and months.
Someone told me last week she shops at BJs for Listerine, Target for ACT and the Dollar Stores for toothpaste on sale. Closys can be expensive but worth every cent in my opinion. Walgreen (or possibly your dentist office) is the only place that you can get Closys or online.

I would say you should consider the savings of avoiding unnecessary dental treatments.
I was reading an article about the cost of dental treatments most cleanings put you near to $100. My system has taken people from three or four cleanings a year to barely needing a check up exam. The savings is far greater than the cost of the rinses and Zellies.

I am hesitant to suggest using the fluoride gel because you won't know the difference until you try the system completely. There is no need to throw the get away but I would put it to one side and first try the system complete . Then you will know what feeling you should expect from your oral care products. After a month or two you could try supplementing with the gel and see what you the feeling better? same, or worse?

I would love to know the results of your assessment!

Thanks for you interest I am sure that you will be amazed at the way your teeth feel with this system.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

Ellie Phillips
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

Monday, January 11, 2010

Child with Cavities


My two year old has cavities. Trying to reverse or halt the decay with lots of xylitol, diet, etc. Our current Pediatric Dentist wants to pull her four front teeth and put caps on her back molars. I want to try an alternative. She is not in any pain...Also I have heard very positive things about ozone therapy but I am having trouble finding a dentist that uses it. Can it help?
Love reading and educating myself through your site! Thank You!

- L

Hi L,

Cavities are caused by a mouth bacteria that destroys teeth.
This bacteria loves acidity and also loves sugary things! ( beware juice/apple drinks and anything sugary) When we eat acidic or sugary things these bacteria multiply and destroy teeth!

There are two things that wipe out these bacteria ozone and xylitol. Ozone can wipe out the bacteria quickly but, unless conditions change, there is a good chance they return.

Xylitol wipes out the bacteria slowly but the changes are permanent and your daughter's adult teeth would benefit possibly for life. I would suggest you use xylitol even if you go for ozone therapy. At two years old, your daughter would probably love the Zellies fruit mints quick dissolving and delicious!

I would also suggest you use ACT bubblegum mouth rinse, in place of toothpaste, brushed on her teeth. The use of this dilute fluoride rinse in conjunction with xylitol will stop the cavities getting worse and they can start to reverse the damage.

Your entire family must consider the same program tooth bacteria travel from mouth to mouth and when you share food. It is easy for everyone to "clean" their mouths with xylitol and adults can use my Complete Mouth Care System to take their oral hygiene to the next level!

Good luck and I hope this information was useful to you,

Ellie Phillips DDS
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Soft Teeth

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Hello and thanks for taking my question.

I have what was described to me as soft teeth since I was a child; now in my 40s,my mouth is full of bridges, crowns, and fillings. I have had numerous root canals and several extractions. My gums have receded in some areas (my dentist says from brushing too hard) and my gums used to bleed when flossing.

My dentist prescribed the use of a Waterpik with 5 drops of Clorox diluted with water to irrigate the gum line. I must say that this worked wonders but is it safe?

Also, where my gums receded, the tops of the teeth are an unsightly light brownish color. The areas are not scaly, but smooth and my doc says these are just the gums receding, no more, and nothing can be done to make those teeth look better. (The areas are a bit sensitive).

Is this true? I can't believe nothing can be done

I take such meticulous care of my mouth: I brush and floss 3x a day and rinse with peroxide/water and STILL have all these problems! It's very disheartening.

Thank you and regards,

Philly, PA

Hi S,

You most certainly can gain control and enjoy great oral health again and I am here to help you!

Wow Clorox ! Hmmmm.
Someone I know tried that a long time ago and someone else I know used Comet Cleaner!
These things I would NOT recommend!

The guy who used comet cleaner had terrible damage to his teeth from the chlorine. His teeth were crumbly and soft chipping and breaking. I put him immediately on my Complete Mouth Care System. Four years later he was in an accident and hit his entire jaw on a metal pole....No damage at all Now his teeth are stronger than iron!

Today his teeth are even more spectacular white, shiny, healthy and strong all from years on my Complete Mouth Care System and eating Zellies during the day, after every meal and drink.

This would be my suggestion to you begin as soon as you can, and use the system for at least two years before you wonder about other treatment options. You may be able to reclaim some lost gum tissue but you MUST be gentle to your gums relying more on my suggested rinses and Zellies to clean your mouth than on digging and flossing. I do not recommend the Waterpik. Rinsing seems to work fine and the results we get are great!

I suggest the Complete Mouth Care System two times a day ( you may want to drop the third cleaning that you are doing.....and just rinse with ACT after lunch plus some Zellies!) Sometimes people make their teeth TOO clean which can be bad. I think this is what may have happened to you.

When ALL the bacteria are gone, teeth are unprotected and vulnerable to damage from the acids in foods and drinks. I never recommend baking soda for teeth because it is TOO good a cleaner!

Baking soda is great for the refrigerator, but not for teeth. People who use baking soda often get horrible gum recession because their natural protection has been "cleaned" away.

By eating xylitol and using my rinsing system you will eradicate bad bacteria but nurture good ones. You need some healthy bacteria on teeth to protect them and help them be strong.

I think you would really enjoy reading my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye  because I tell stories of people just like you how they turned everything around in a matter or weeks. Trust me what do you have to loose except the frustration of weak teeth after all the effort you put in?

I am certain that in a few weeks you will gain confidence. After using the system for a few months you will understand what has happened and realize that you have gained control over your oral health forever!

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2010,


Ellie Phillips DDS
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

Using Xylitol-Water

Hi Dr. Phillips,

Just a quick question on your posting on Hygiene town. In regards to putting Xylitol in a bottle of water, how much do you recommend? I hadn't thought of this but it is a great way to get it to my elderly patients who are in skilled nursing facilities who can't have gums or mints. Actually, it is great for a lot of my patients.


Hi KK,

Thanks for your message.

Recommended Daily Dosage:
The recommended dose for xylitol to eradicate Strep. mutans is between 6.5 and 10 grams daily.
That would be between one heaped teaspoon ( 6 grams) and two level "teaspoons" ( 10 grams).
Xylitol will only be useful as a plaque control system if this daily dosage is split into at least 3-5 separate exposures, and is best after meals.

I like to think of xylitol as a "tooth wash" something after meals, snacks and drinks.
Most people have 3-5 meals a day.

Young or Elderly Patients:
For young or elderly, I would suggest you start at the low end of the dose and gradually work to a higher dosage over time. This allows a patient to adjust to xylitol which introduces extra fiber to their system. Interestingly xylitol helps conditions like acid reflux symptoms and promotes bone remineralization for osteoporosis. It is excellent for thrush, candical infections, denture stomatitis and angular cheilitis.

Xylitol Portion Packets:
Individual portion packets of xylitol are useful (they look like little sugar packets).
Each packet contains 4 grams. These little packets make it easy to get the correct daily amount.
I usually recommend 2 individual portion packets of xylitol daily dissolved in water and sipped throughout the day.

For someone with plaque problems (who is also using mints and gum) I recommend a mix and match approach. This would be one 4 gram packet dissolved in 16 oz water PLUS xylitol mints or gum after meals. This gives 4 grams( in the packet) extra xylitol from the gum and mints ( most 100 percent xylitol gum has 1 gram xylitol in each piece and mints
0.5 grams).

I recommend putting xylitol into water to people who are already using a daily water bottle at work, athletes, children etc. I find the mix and match approach helps ensure sufficient daily xylitol for patients. Research shows that less than 4 grams xylitol daily will not be sufficient to produce beneficial oral health changes.

Good Advice for our Patients:
As health advisers, I feel we must be creative and communicate with our patients.
We must understand the daily habits of our patients and suggest ideas to fit their lifestyle.
If we do not understand habits, no matter what we suggest, it will not become part of their lives and (however good the advice) it will not work!

I have the same philosophy about flossing. If patients have trouble flossing, screaming to "floss more" will not be successful. Let's be more creative and look at what else would xylitol! Granular xylitol provides an inexpensive way to enjoy oral health. A one-pound bag of granular xylitol (from any health food store) will cost about $7 One pound gives 112 teaspoons ( which would be a 3 months supply of daily "teaspoons)!

Feel free to refer patients who cannot floss to my website and suggest they try my Complete Mouth Care System no flossing necessary! I developed this system for disabled adults who were concerned about their teeth. I created a rinse only system that protects oral health and works for anyone who dislikes or has trouble flossing.

Feel free to send this message to others who may be interested. I love to spread the word about xylitol (since most dental organizations appear to have "overlooked" its amazing benefits!)

Hope this helps.
Best Wishes,
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

Friday, January 08, 2010

In Need of Dentistry: What is a Good Dentist?

Dear Dr. Ellie,

First may I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year health, peace and prosperity to all.

Now, I find myself in the position of needing to find a dentist; I managed to chip my two front teeth in an accident. Bother.

I'm not really sure where to begin. I am in Miami, FL perhaps you could offer recommendations? Or if that isn't possible, would you please steer me in the right direction i.e., what questions should I ask, what should I be on the lookout for in order to find an excellent practitioner? I'm self-pay and want to get it right.

Thank you in advance for any advice you might have. Your System is working well for my husband and me; we're both looking forward to receiving your book from Amazon.

Yours sincerely,

Dear KKC,

Thank you for your message and good wishes.
I am delighted to hear that my system is working well for you and your husband.

Choosing a dentist is such a hard decision. In my book I suggest you ask friends for suggestions but make sure to ask what kind of treatment they had. If they have glowing reports that describe a laundry list of crowns, fillings cleanings and such I would be leery!

What a good dentist really should provide is 1) education about prevention (how to stop ongoing problems) 2) a single (one time) treatment plan to fix all the problems. 3) From then on it should be year after year of oral health with minimal or no more treatments required.
THAT is good dentistry!

If you contact an office I would ask four questions These questions should give you an idea if they are up to date, concerned about quality and using good ingredients and good technicians for their work.
1.) Do you recommend xylitol?( A resounding yes makes them more likely to be "cutting edge")
2.) Do you do Cerac fillings? ( another good sign if they do since these are good white fillings).
3.) Are you aware of the dangers of BPA in white fillings and sealants? ( The answer yes should give you the feeling that high quality materials are important to them)
4.) What laboratory makes your crowns? ( The answer could be in their own, somewhere in China etc.etc. I think this gives you some idea of their standard of care if you can get a good answer that makes you feel comfortable.)

Hope this helps let me know if I can answer anything else for you,


Ellie Phillips DDS
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

Reflux / Dental Question

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Hi, I have bouts of reflux so bad I can't sleep cause of the burning mouth pain and of course it has done damage to my teeth and gums. Wondering if
Zellies could help. Reflux has been due to a nervous system imbalance after Lyme Disease that created a hiatal hernia. Nothing really has helped. I see a chiropractor and sleep propped up. Luckily, the bouts are just a few times a year lasting a few weeks. But the damage has been done, especially to the gums. I always thought a great invention would be some sort of natural, organic (wax) barrier that one could slip in their mouth at night. Do let me know if you have any ideas or if your product would help.


Hi MS,

The Complete Mouth Care System will protect your teeth and gums and also make your teeth stronger (so they will not be damaged by acid attacks).

You need to use the system twice a day every 12 hours. During the day or night you should use Zellies mints or granular xylitol dissolved in water sipped slowly. Not only does the xylitol work to make your mouth healthier but it helps alkalize the acidity from acid reflux.

I would suggest making sure your toothbrushes are as clean as possible: run through a dishwasher each day or swish out with some Listerine and allow the brush to air dry between uses. Last word about toothbrushes keep them as far as possible from toilet air contamination.

I believe if you are diligent about this system and xylitol each day you WILL notice improvement with your teeth and possibly also with the symptoms.

Final words of advice: DO NOT use baking soda in your mouth. Baking soda wipes out the protective bacteria that we are trying to establish it basically makes your teeth "squeaky clean" but possibly open to superinfection.

Hope this information helps you. Have you looked into cider-vinegar for acid reflux?
No one knows why it works but it helps many people. Maybe begin with tooth care and then look to adding in the cider vinegar to end the bouts.

Best Wishes and thanks for your question,

26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 272-1270

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Discolored Fake Tooth

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I have a fake tooth that is more discolored than the others, can xylitol whiten even that tooth?


Hi K

It depends why the fake tooth is discolored.

If this was an old plastic tooth then the color probably will not change. If the tooth has surface stains and it used to be a different color then the cleaning may help remove some of these stains.

I would suggest using the system, even if the fake tooth looks out of place for a few months.
Then you could talk with a dentist about a new fake tooth to match the color of your nice clean, shiny, healthy real teeth!

Thanks for the question and wishing you a Happy New Year!
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

Friday, January 01, 2010

Does Glycerin Prevent Remineralization?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Does glycerin prevent remineralization? My research - mostly a Dr. Judd - claims it does. Do any of the products in the CWT contain glycerine?


Dear H:

Dr. Judd is not my authority - he was a chemist with some good advice but I tend to disagree with much of what he says and I think looking at little pieces of the puzzle can get very confusing.

I "discovered" a particular system of mouth care - during 35 years as a clinical dentist. I have recommended this system to thousands of people, given seminars about it and had a multitude of testimonials from real life experiences. People have experienced total healing - using this system of care. This is not an ego trip nor a money making venture.

In my book I described the reason teeth decay and how and why this system stimulates natural healing - see . My book is endorsed by many dentists, hygienists, pharmacology professionals, and the US Surgeon General. It is the truth about teeth - and this system explains why you can stimulate natural healing by using these products.

I have no connection or monetary interest in any of the mouth rinse or toothpaste companies that I recommend. You can be certain that I would not recommend a system with such passion if it did not work to stimulate natural healing.

If you start to dissect the products and search for this and that ingredient - you may search all your life and not find the answer. Many awful products are on the shelves of "health food" stores ...they contain some good ingredients but in a paste that is too abrasive - so the good is outweighed by the bad ingredients.

I found this system backwards / in reverse! I found it as a dentist - while looking at teeth.

I asked people with good teeth - what do you use? I implemented changes for people with bad teeth - and they went from bad to good in an amazingly short time. I have recommended this system to thousands of people - young and old and the results are always great.

I cannot give you the confidence to jump into using my system. I can only recommend that you try it and see results for yourself.

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